Dental Laboratory


If you ask any dentist specializing in cosmetic dentistry world class, “What is the one thing that you added to your practice work would result in a higher level?” Will most likely reply “To have a specialized dental technician working with me. It would help to have a better control and aesthetics that would exceed a relationship with an external laboratory. ”
To achieve an optimal aesthetic result, the dental team should have a clear vision of what is possible artistic and functional properly. Therefore, we own dental laboratory technicians and experienced and talented.

A dental technician is a very skilled artist that shape, paint, sculpt and submit burning dental materials. A dental technician must have years of training in art in addition to training as a dental technician.

What many patients do not understand is that to have a beautiful replica of a natural tooth, each tooth is part of a design absolutely special, unique, and is hand made. Each tooth is like a sculpture – a small masterpiece. Teeth can be sculpted to give a more masculine or more feminine smile, sexy or sporty.

Our laboratory manual processes each tooth for a custom design that fits your face, smile and your personality. Done right it looks and is perceived as a natural tooth.

How important is the presence of a dental laboratory in the dental office or dental clinic?

If dentistry is very important role played by the dental laboratory, where they produced the dental crowns and bridges, ceramic veneers, various prostheses etc. This is obviously responsible for the quality prosthetic work, how quickly the patient benefits from it, the number of sessions in which it is subjected. In an ultimately decisive contribution to patient pleased to have a beautiful and fully functional work with minimal effort.

After treatment in the office, the doctor also mark the prosthetic field. By this method the position on the teeth, gums and dental abutments that will support future work. From here, involving the dental laboratory is decisive for the final result, taking the fingerprint technician sent by the doctor, putting a plaster model of the patient’s mouth forms.

Thus, the presence of a dental laboratory near or even in the dental office is a great help to the dentist, because the relationship is much easier technician, the above issues and potential problems can be solved more easily. In addition, if the work of ceramics, for example, remove a session because, after adapting the work to be taken back to the laboratory for a last firing, glaze phase. If access to the laboratory is fast, this phase is consumed in the same session, and you, as a patient, you can enjoy faster final product. Although, as a patient you have less contact with the dental laboratory, it is very important for personal satisfaction and for prestige doctor.

The modern, generous space, long experience and well trained dental technicians are undoubtedly some essential components underlying performance and quality offered to patients. Dental technicians in our laboratory covers all sub-branches posed dental work: casting patterns, metal, ceramics application and esthetic materials, achieving dentures and other specific services. The distinction market in Romania dental technology vis-a-vis quality undoubtedly makes man and technology.

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