Dental Aesthetics

What type your smile? Im a person VIP ? Does it matter?

Think about the last time you were photographed …

Today, more and more people benefit from cosmetic dentistry that includes a wide range of techniques designed to help improve your smile. Thanks to the materials and techniques of first-class looks and teeth can last a lot better than in the past.

From now on you will not chipped, stained, cracked or spaces. Cosmetic dentistry can offer much more beautiful teeth as before, restoring your smile full of confidence! Smiling is an important way of communication.

Have you shown impeccable smile teeth or have you hidden the lens system? If your smile will not make you feel confident in yourself, you will be glad to know that now there are solutions simple that will bring back a smile.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures


Dental alignment is performed frequently for aesthetic reasons, but primarily (at least in terms of doctor) in order to restore correct operation of the device dentomaxilar. At the same time alignment of the teeth helps prevent cavities and periodontal disease

Horizontal Alignment –  We do our best to offer you the ideal smile. In this respect, one aspect that they follow is the smile line is parallel to the horizontal plane.

Symmetry –  symmetry around the center line of the face is very important in terms of aesthetics. Even when this is not 100% possible, can and should be created illusion of symmetry. This is achieved by ensuring symmetry of the two center teeth and other teeth that are closer to midline.

Smile line –  smile line connects the upper edges of the teeth. Ideally, it should follow the curve of the lower lip, because a smile curved look more youthful, while a flat smile looks old.

Gum line –  gum line connects the highest points of the upper teeth. Ideally, this line should follow the contour of the upper lip, to ensure optimal exposure of the teeth and gums.

Smile width –  a smile with a normal width allows viewing progressive teeth, from the front, to the post. In the case of a narrow smile, teeth are often side in shadow, so they are visible only the front, giving an unsightly smile.

Embrasure –  embrasures are small triangular space at the end teeth. Without this, first it looks like the keys of a piano. Aperture should have the smallest size in the front teeth and increasingly greater in the lateral and posterior teeth.

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