Dental Whitening

Smiling is your ticket to a younger and more confident look . Today, cosmetic dentistry is an essential part of the arsenal of solutions anti-aging.

People used to go to the dentist to solve a problem; today is going to improve the way they look.

“We care. Therefore we take care of your smile “Crystal dental

  • Whitening system ZOOM Laser Smile
  • Laser Smile ZOOM whitening technology uses an advanced patent – TCIA (Target Chromo Phor In – Accelerated Phase-Activation). Using unique chromatic characteristics of laser bleaching gel with patented LaserWhite10 activated by the wavelength of the laser system
  • Smile ZOOM Laser Whitening ensure safe, fast, pleasant and efficient for you in just one session.
  • Simple   – you will leave with a smile and bright white in less than an hour.
  • Sure –  The main ingredient of the gel ZOOM Laser whitening procedures used in more than 100 years.

Treatment duration is much shorter due to laser activation. So avoid excessive heating and sensitivity appearance , ensuring comfort and especially safety