Tooth jewelery

Human desire to improve appearance and is well known and accepted by everyone. From coloring hair, nails, Piercing, Tattoos, – now come and jewelry for your teeth. Dental jewelery is a new trend in cosmetic dentistry. They are decorative elements applied to the teeth in order to make smile as bright or to highlight a beautiful and harmonious teeth. These small pieces of art can be of precious metals (gold, platinum, silver) and precious stones (diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald Swarovski).

Esthetic Dentistry suggests some ways and types of dental jewelry such as scaisurile dental , dental rhinestones , applying twinkles .

Scaisuriledentare stones are flat. Due to their flat shape is not necessary preparing a cavity in the tooth enamel. Scaisurile are in vogue dental dental fashion. This little gem has great popularity to people who want to assert strong personality. Dental Diamonds sparkle in sunlight very nice, giving special smile shine in the most direct sense of the word. Diamonds have a very attractive dental, pricipalul their advantage is that with time and not lose their natural shine.

Setting a SCAI of tooth enamel is a light-curing flowable material. Most commonly chosen diamond, but can be used as well as any other precious or semi precious stone.

Twinkles – figurines of precious metals that can be inlaid with precious stones. Can be twinkles white gold, red, platinum. How to attract attention to your smile by glow of a small gold stars or hearts, it is up to you!

Applying tooth jewelry but also has some contraindicated. This does not apply to dental jewelery teeth with artificial wreaths. Teeth should be perfectly healthy, just straight teeth and healthy can be arranged. For example applying a tooth jewelry irregular surface or chipped attract all the attention but not the fault of the tooth jewel. It should be noted that sometimes it is possible to mask defects solitary, small fillings and patches through Denarau jewelry.

Before fixing jewelery is required to execute a profisional brushing . It also indicated a teeth whitening procedure, so not only will have a sparkle special jewel, but the tooth. Jewel is fixed to the tooth using a type adhesive bonding method and a light-curing composite fluid. After polymerization dentist polishes the tooth in question. LENSES jewelry is more than 2 years. Dental jewelery applied method does not prejudice you have any tooth enamel and can be removed at the request of the patient.

The costs of dental jewelery applications varies depending on the materials used and the amount of labor.

Dental jewelry designs: