Dental prosthetics


Dental prosthetics restoring teeth by means of fixed works: veneers, crowns and bridges, and through mobile or movable works: dentures or partial skeletal prostheses with special systems, prostheses on implants.

When, for various reasons, a portion of missing tooth can not be restored by filling (filling), or walls are too thin dental to withstand masticatory pressures, it is necessary to cover the tooth with a crown.
Also, when missing a tooth the arch and the void is bordered by teeth that are not integrated, damaged, decayed or crown restorations (fillings), is to be a bridge. They dress teeth adjacent to the edentulous space and replace it with a crown to restore lost physiognomy and functionality.

When space left empty after the extraction of a tooth is teeth bordered by resorting to implant integrity for incomplete arch restoration.
When the patient lost a number of teeth and for some reason they can not be replaced by fixed works such as bridges or implants recourse to mobile prosthetic, prosthetics to be removed for cleaning after every meal.

We use the highest quality materials and highly trained technicians work with, so we offer custom work, remarkable not only aesthetically, but also functional.

– Ceramic or composite veneers;
– implant crowns;
– crowns and bridges porcelain on metal support;
– porcelain crowns and bridges supported on zirconium
– porcelain works without metal support;
– elastic acrylic dentures, and partial
– prostheses on implants
– skeletal prostheses with special systems.

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