Dental tourism


Why choose dental Cristal?

In recent years we invested heavily in the highest quality materials as well as training courses and the latest equipment. Here, depending on the procedure, the price of most treatments can be reached even 4-6 times lower than, for example, in the UK, Italy, Spain. Germany, Austria and the Scandinavian countries.
Through our programs dental tourism patients from other countries, and Romanians living abroad have the opportunity to visit picturesque places in Romania, while benefiting from a full set of dental solutions at prices more attractive than in Western countries.
We offer to romanian patients from other countries and foreign patients the opportunity to benefit from our services elite, auxiliary trips in the country, for personal or business use.
Patients receiving dental treatments Cristal performance, made ​​with materials the latest European standards and equipment. Priority services are under the sign!

What expectations can have a dental vacation?

Dental problems can be solved / treat in a short time, holiday, having the opportunity to visit any area of Miami surroundings but also from Romania
Patients receiving treatment performance, made ​​with the latest materials and equipment to European standards .
We handle personal to organize trips to any desired targets, respecting and appointments that they agreed with the dentist of your appointment.
Estimated cost dental vacation is done after you have established a budget and before to come to Romania.The advantage is that you will know in detail what lies before dental work, trips around the country, where you will be staying the rest of the details.
Basically it’s a different kind of holiday “all inclusive” which includes solving dental problems. In short, blend business with pleasure! The dental tourism program, designed especially for you, you can save time and money but also to visit the Targu Jiu and county Gorjsau beauty of the whole country.

Offers & Prices

In short, all you have to do is send us an email the following:
A dental x-ray which will be based on consultation from a distance.
The budget you are willing to allocate for tourism in Romania, Targu Jiu.
The period in which you are available to make the trip.
Choosing related class hotel accommodation during your stay and forms of entertainment or hobbies you.
Then we all back via email with the following:
Establishment plan of treatment (duration and hours).
Establishing a cost estimate for dental treatment and restorations.
The establishment of routes (, mountains, cities, historic, religious, etc.) depending on the dentist meetings and costs of sightseeing.
Providing accommodation at great rates.